BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term I coined to describe new wave film content from Nigeria.

In Autumn/Winter 2020 BEYOND NOLLYWOOD was programmed at the Brazilian African Film Festival and Film Africa.

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About Nadia

Nadia Denton Film Curator Self Portrait BEYOND NOLLYWOOD

I am a film industry specialist with 15 years of experience as a Curator, Impact Producer and Author. My focus has been on cinema of the African diaspora and I specialise in Nigerian Cinema.

Recently, I was Impact Producer for Nigerian art house film FOR MARIA EBUN PATAKI (Dir: Damilola Orimogunje). FOR MARIA tackles the sensitive issue of post-partum depression. It went on to win the audience prize at Film Africa 2020.

My two books include The Black British Filmmakers Guide to Success and The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood. I co-produced the BBC World Service radio documentary SHOOTING IT LIKE A WOMAN, a take on women in the Nigerian film industry.

Currently, I am a Social Impact Producer for Comic Relief. In recent years I have worked with British Film Institute, British Council, London Film School, BBC Arabic Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

I am also an official V&A African Heritage Tour Guide.

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Nadia Denton Film Curator BEYOND NOLLYWOOD Nigerian Cinema