Beyond Nollywood

BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term I coined to describe new wave cinema coming out of Nigeria and its diaspora.

It refers to indie, animation, experimental, documentary films and music videos; work that subverts Nollywood both in content and style.

BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is also the subtitle my book The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood. BEYOND NOLLYWOOD and refers to a series of events I have curated.


I Just Dey Observe + Q&A 

2pm, Saturday 18 August 2018,  BFI Southbank    

A selection of shorts by Nigeria’s youngest and most dynamic filmmakers.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A

BFI African Odysseys & SOUL in partnership with the British Council presents an afternoon of Nigerian shorts curated and introduced by Nadia Denton. 

Brood + Q&A

A guy can’t get a difficult conversation out of his head.

Dir: Michael Omonua, 5min Nigeria/2017 Narrative UK Premier

Born + Q&A

A young woman attempts to terminate the life growing within her.

Dir: Michael Omonua, 8min Nigeria/2016 Narrative UK Premier

Las Gidi Vice + Q&A

TJ meets a girl at a party unaware that he is about to have a night he will never forget.

Dir: Udoka Oyeka, 17min Nigeria/2017 Narrative UK Premier

Dear Father + Q&A

A young woman addresses her absent father. 

Dir: Wana Udobang 3min Nigeria/2017 Alternative/Experimental


A matriarch recounts the tragic loss of her daughter.

Dir: Wana Udobang 8min Nigeria/2017 Documentary

A Little Mischief

Obinze’s ghost revisits the place where his life was cut short.

Dir: Art Anekwe 7min Nigeria/2017 Alternative/Experimental UK Premier

Got Flowers Today

‘Even though he beat me, I got flowers today’. A touching animation based on the poem by Paulette Kelly.

Dir: Jibril Mailafia  4min Nigeria/ 2017 Animation UK Premier

Grouf Poto 

It seems that everyone wants to benefit from the cost of the school photo.

Dir: Jibril Mailafia  10min Nigeria/2017 Animation UK Premier

Freak The Fxxk Out

Creepy figures in human shapes do strange things.

Dir: Kanso Ogbolu, 8min Nigeria/2017 Animation


A group of young people accidentally knock down a mysterious figure on the motorway.  Can they escape the hex that now hangs over their destiny?

Dir: Clarence Peters 29min Nigeria/2015 Psychological Thriller/Horror UK Premier

Film contains nudity and scenes of an adult nature.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A with Michael Omonua, Baba Agba, Wana Udobang and Udoka Oyeka.