Beyond Nollywood

BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term I coined to describe new wave cinema coming out of Nigeria and its diaspora.

It refers to indie, animation, experimental, documentary films and music videos; work that subverts Nollywood both in content and style.

BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is also the subtitle my book The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood. BEYOND NOLLYWOOD and refers to a series of events I have curated.

The following titles will be screened at the next BEYOND NOLLYWOOD programme from 26 - 30 Jan 2018 at International Film Festival of Rotterdam.

BEYOND NOLLYWOOD Short Film Programme


A young woman stands outside the front door of the family home and the smell of her favourite stew reminds her of happy memories from her childhood. Can she reconcile that period of innocence before her life was shattered by some devastating family news?

Dir: Sade ADENIRAN, 5’ UK/2017


A guy who does not know how to break up with his girlfriend keeps replaying the conversation in his head. Shot in a distinct visual style by Michael Omunua with emerging cinematographer Baba Agba, BROOD is the epitome of the bold new voices emerging from Nigeria.

Dir: Michael OMONUA, 5’ Nigeria/2017


In this thoughtful animation Comfort Arthur narrates her attempts to lighten her skin and look like the perfect light-skinned African Barbie. The personal journey that she embarks on causes her to question societal ideals of beauty and whether she can accept herself as she is.

Dir: Comfort ARTHUR, 4’ Ghana/2016


Emma and Rebecca were snatched as young children from their home in Yorubaland and sold into slavery. Though far from home memories of their culture have never left them. Will they be able to gain their liberty and flee their captor in the perilous Scottish Highlands?

Dir: Gordon NAPIER, 19’ UK/2017


In a thriving marketing on the Lagos mainland, John runs a thriving beauty business making men beautiful by tattooing their lips pink. A customer who is undergoing the painful procedure narrates his desire to alter the colour of his lips reflecting underlying masculine values of beauty.           

Dir: Victoria THOMAS, 5’ UK/2016


Based on the 1992 poem by Paulette Kelly, a wife narrates her life at the hands of an abusive husband who sends her flowers to show that he loves her. This touching tribute to battered women underlines the difficulty of leaving a life threatening relationship.

Dir: Jibril MAILAFIA  4’ Nigeria/ 2017


TJ meets a sexy vixen at a party and is immediately fascinated with her allure and mystery. When she promises to give him a night he will never forget he quickly accepts the opportunity unaware that his life is about to change forever.

Dir: Udoka OYEKA, 17’ Nigeria/2017


A young woman feels conflicted about the unexpected outcome of a drunken night of passion. Her one-night stand is not interested and she is struggling to find a job. Will she be able to forgive herself if she terminates the life growing inside her?

Dir: Michael OMONUA, 8’ Nigeria/2016


Have you ever wondered about strange figures under the bed, unexplainable objects that come alive at night and human shapes that do funny things? Get your freak on with this selection of hilarious, creepy animation tales from Nigeria!

Dir: Kanso OGBOLU ? Nigeria/2017


Two opposing African elite political groups the POM (Party of Ministers) and QUACKS meet once a year to discuss covert agendas. The QUACKS, dissatisfied with the politics of the existing POM regime call an emergency gathering to plot the overthrow of the regime. Will they be successful in their attempt?

Dir: Abba MAKAMA, 12’ Nigeria/2013


CLARENCE PETERS – Music Video Programme & Conversation

Clarence PETERS is one of the most dynamic audio-visual content makers to have emerged from the present day Nigerian film space.

Clarence has shot hundreds of music videos for Nigeria’s leading acts with content that routinely get millions of hits on YouTube. The son of legendary Afro-Juju musician Sir Shina Peters and veteran Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura, he has a career that spans over two decades.

During this special one-off programme a selection of music videos featuring acts such as Davido, Praiz, Chidinma, Tiwa Savage, Olamide and Sauti Sol will be shown. Africa’s leading music video director, renowned for limited public appearances will also be in conversation with Curator Nadia Denton.