The Birth of a Nation

Well executed film which earn a deserved place in the 'slave narrative' genre of films. It start off with spiritual/mystical inclinations which the Director only briefly returned to (a missed opportunity I felt). The narrative occupy familiar territory being loosely based on the life of the African-American 'preacher slave' Nat Turner and his quashed slave rebellion. Beautifully shot in the Georgian south. Grim and brutal whilst never loosing its humanity. Nate Parker in the role of Nat effective in standing for some deep truth in his silent strength. He preach his way into some level of salvation up until the point of rebellion. Moments of real artistry in the way that the film was made overall. Cinematography at times felt like poetry and this serve to add another layer to the story as a whole. Nate's point about the brutality of trans-Atlantic enslavement driven home. I at no point have any doubts or feel at odds with the story itself. Left to me the film would have been 10-15 min shorter. Apparently Nate Parker (who Writer, Director and lead actor) really wanted to enjoy the glory of his performance with unnecessary and extended screen time at the end of the film.