The Hard Stop

A film for the Black British film canon from leading documentary maker George Amponsah. It cover all manner of social and economic issues that pertain to the realities of the Black British experience in modern day Britain and in some respects a 'text book' on the causes of large scale disorder in the inner city. It about much more than the killing of Mark Duggan but more broadly how a institutionally racist institution has perpetuated crime and continues to do so without culpability. It Amponsah's access to our two lead protagonists - best friend (Marcus Knox Hooke) and cousin (Kurtis Henville) of Mark Duggan that make the film credible; giving fascinating insight into how the Tottenham 2011 riots started and led to nationwide unrest that would scar a generation. While it offer some personal redemption through the  development arc of our two lead voices;  it unfortunately, present yet more sobering evidence of the problematic policing of black men and the wider black community in the UK.