The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success addresses the need for an up-to-date, practical resource that caters specifically for African diaspora content work. It has been written as a guide for black British filmmakers. The guide also bears relevance to the wider international community of African diaspora filmmakers and filmmakers of other backgrounds making cultural specific work.

No book has been written that specifically deals with the practical aspects of financing, marketing and distribution for African diaspora work internationally. There are many books on the market dealing with film theory but very few that take a culturally specific view. The work of significant 21st century black British filmmakers remains undocumented and therefore unknown to the next generation of film creatives.

It is a personal development guide that is packed with very practical guidance to assist filmmakers in securing funding, marketing and distribution opportunities for their films. The book contains extensive good practice interviews with key African diaspora filmmakers and decision makers in the industry, as well as extensive cultural specific listings.

I remain optimistic about the UK film industry and in particularblack British filmmaker’s presence on this landscape. This book offers a valuable resource that can be used by film practitioners to achieve greater success with their endeavours. It is a tribute to the tenacity and endurance of the filmmakers I have worked with who have risen to prominence and those who are intending to follow in their footsteps.