BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term I coined in 2014 to refer to a new cinematic language that is emerging from Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. It is radically different from its more commercial predecessor Nollywood and includes art house, documentary, animation, experimental films and music videos. Please sign up to my mailing list below to find out more ..


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About Nadia

I am a film industry specialist with over a decade of experience as a curator, impact producer and author. My focus has been on cinema of the African diaspora and I specialise in Nigerian film.

My two books include The Black British Filmmakers Guide to Success and The Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood. In 2017 co-produced the BBC World Service radio documentary SHOOTING IT LIKE A WOMAN, a take on women in the Nigerian film industry.

During 2023, I will act as a programme advisor for London Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and Durban Filmmart. Since 2021, I have read across various Doc Society funds and also co-hosted the EFM Insights Podcast. In recent years I have worked with the British Film Institute, EFM at the Berlinale, SUNDANCE Film Festival, British Council, Comic Relief, London Film School, BBC Arabic Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

I am a member of BAFTA and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow with the University of Exeter.

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nadia denton